Getting your canine Certified

Joining with associations like the American Kennel Club, we are able to offer several range of certifications capable of making your furry friend assist in therapy at your local hospital or even becoming a Canine Good Citizen. Check out our options below!

Getting Certified

To encourage well-mannered canines and to help promote a fun, responsible way of dog training! 

Some programs you will find along the way are prerequisites to some programs; such as Canine Urban Citizen needs a Canine Good Citizen Award to proceed.

AKC Family Dog Program

S.T.A.R. Puppy


An exciting program that gives owners and their new puppies a great way to connect!

Canine Good Citizen


Discovering the benefits of training while reaching the gold standard behavior for dogs in our community. 

Community Canine


This is the advanced level of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program.

Canine Urban Citizen


Demonstrating Canine Good Citizen skills in an urban environment while  performing a 10-step skilled test. 

AKC Trick Dog


Always showing off the tricks and trots your dog can do? Well there is a total of FIVE trick dog titles that they can earn!

AKC Therapy Dog


Where your honorable companion can become recognized through Alliance of Therapy Pets, based on a number of visits.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

What's this all about?

This is a new program offered by the American Kennel Club Association. An opportunity for a jump start in the canine training world.

Upon taking our puppy course, that is approved by our AKC evaluator, you and your puppy can apply for the AKC S.T.A.R. PUPPY program. After passing a test that will challenge you and your puppy, you will be able to apply directly with AKC and receive your puppy's new medal and honorable award certificate.

After achieving the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program, you and your puppy may find a more defined path towards certifications like Canine Good Citizen! 


Canine Good Citizen

"Responsible Owners, Well-Mannered Dogs"

The AKC has had this program involved with over one million canine companions since 1989. Working hands on and enjoy the joys of training, you both will achieve a maintained interaction with the community.

Our CGC Class is a prerequisite to our Therapy Program, where you will find yourself  starting to work one on one with the community. As well as being offered as a great tool towards achieving the foundation in dog sports.

Passing this CGC test will show that your canine has basic training and balanced manners.

After completing the Canine Good Citizen Class and test, you and your cuddly companion can move towards Community Canine where you apply advanced Canine Good Citizen skills. Followed by the AKC Urban CGC, where you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate CGC skills in a urban environment.


AKC Trick Dog

There's a handful of canine titles you can earn!


AKC Novice Trick Dog (TKN)- Your dog performs 10 skills from the Novice list. If you've received a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate or title on record at AKC, we can apply 5 Novice tricks to earn title.

See the list of tricks here.

AKC Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI)-Novice title is required, in addition to performing 10 Intermediate tricks.
See the list of tricks here.

AKC Advanced Trick Dog (TKA)– This requires the Intermediate title, as well as performing 10 tricks from the Advanced list.
See the list of tricks here.

AKC Trick Dog Performer (TKP)– Handlers must perform a short routine with at least 10 tricks using a minimum of THREE props.

See the requirements here.

AKC Trick Dog Elite Performer (TKE)- Being the highest level of Trick Dog, the Elite Performers perform a routine that has a story or a script, while using at least FIVE props.

See the requirements here.


AKC Therapy Dog

When a therapy dog walks into a room, all eyes focus on them, as smiles spread across everyone’s faces. Therapy dogs are NOT service dogs. Service dogs are specifically trained to perform tasks to assist a person with a disability or impairment. A service dog must be with their human at all times.

Therapy Dog is an AKC program which recognizes the necessary therapy work performed by dogs through Alliance of Therapy Pets, based on the number of visits. 

Therapy work involves volunteers who schedule visits to various facilities and locations such a nursing homes, hospitals, and so much more. A dog can provide a valuable sense of reassurance, joy, or calmness to people experiencing stressful, lonely or depressing situations or general times in their life.

So get your dog involved today! Start visiting and reach your goal to achieve AKC Therapy Dog Title.