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Kim Bissing, BS, CPDT - KA

Meet our Certified Professional Dog Trainer


Kim was born in New Jersey and raised in Massachusetts where she attended Bridgewater State College and earned a BS in Biology with a concentration in Marine Biology. During college, she was an extern at the New England Aquarium for over 4 years where she was focused on educating the public about conservation and wildlife preservation. During this time, she worked primarily with the veterinary team for the aquarium’s sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation program where she was first introduced to veterinary medicine. Kim’s focus ended was always on understanding the behaviors of marine mammals and sea turtles in a zoological environment and helped not only the aquarium but other facilities put behavioral programs into place. 

After graduating, Kim and her (now) husband moved to Orlando so she could continue her career at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove. During her time there, she also took a position at East Orlando Animal Hospital as a veterinary receptionist and a volunteer position at the MOTE Marine Whale and Dolphin Hospital in Sarasota. It was at this point, she realized that veterinary medicine and being able to educate and connect with clients was her true passion and became a full time employee at East Orlando Animal Hospital. 

At East Orlando Animal Hospital, Kim set out to learn everything she could about the field of veterinary medicine. After starting as a receptionist, she worked her way up to Reception Supervisor, Veterinary Technician and then Floor Manager and Head Dog Trainer which she has been doing for the past 11 years. Kim noticed that one of the main things missing from the clinic that almost every client needed (wanted) was a behavior program. Kim started to focus on integrating dog training and doggy daycare to help facilitate the clinic in becoming a behavior centered practice. In 2015 she made it official and received her Certified Professional Dog Training- Knowledge Assisted (CPDT-KA) Certification from the Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers. 

During Kim’s time in Florida (11 years), she married her husband Curtis, had two sons Logan (4 years old) and Luke (1 Year old) and has adopted four amazing dogs (who were all relinquished because of behavioral issues) while fostering and rehoming countless more! During her free time, besides enjoying the outdoors with her family, Kim still makes time to volunteer with several sea turtle rescue organizations and work on salt water aquariums. She also loves doing free public presentations on dog safety and behavior to help decrease the amount of dogs being relinquished each year due to “behavioral issues”. 


· CCPDT (Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers) - Member since 2015

· Central Florida Veterinary Practice Managers Association- Member since 2016

· IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) - Member since 2013

· PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors- Scuba Certified)- Member since 2004

· MAC (Marine Aquarium Council)- Member since 2003


2012-2016: Twice Yearly, Public presentation- “Babies, Toddler’s and Dog’s” at the Orlando Public Libraries. 

2010-2016: FVMA. Wet Lab Assistant for Cutting Edge Laser Therapy. 

2013-2015: Gulf-Atlantic Veterinary Conference. Wet Lab Assistant for Cutting Edge Laser Therapy. 

2013-2016: FVMA and Gulf-Atlantic Conferences. Ultrasound Wet Lab Assistant. (Restraining demo dogs)  

Paige Johnson

Learn all about our Sports Trainer

Paige grew up right here in Orlando, FL. She currently resides with her 4 year old Daughter, Morgan, 5 dogs, 3 chickens, and several rats (for Barn Hunt). She has always loved dogs and has never been without them. A favorite passtime is working with and training them. 

Her Grandmother was an AKC Obedience Judge. Dog training was always a part of daily life whether she was laying a track for her Grandmother's Standard Poodle to find, training her dogs to do tricks, or helping a local dog training club at Obedience class.

Paige got her first dog at the age of 12 and took every training class possible with him. He was reactive to other dogs so she had to quickly learn the subtle nature of dog communication and how to maintain their focus.  At this time she also began volunteering her time with a local rescue helping to rehab and teach basic obedience to the rescue dogs so they had better odds of getting adopted.  Being the over acheiver that Paige is, she also took on a Service Dog Puppy to rasise and train while in high school.

After High School Paige continued to to work with rescues and task training PTSD and Mobility Assistance service dogs for Veterans. She also started serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for a local Agility Club ensuring that the six 3-day trials held each year ran  smoothly. Atfter serving in that position for 9 years, she stepped down to focus on her 4 competing agility dogs and to nurture her daughter's desire to be a junior handler.


Agility ended up being the sport of choice. Once bit by the agility bug she has not looked back. She is currently on her 7th agility putting multiple Agility Championships on her dogs, competing  in several Agility National Championships.

As an active member of the dog show world, Paige has trained, competed and titled many dogs in Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Barn Hunt, Weight Pull, Lure Coursing/Fast CAT, Scent Work, Dock Jumping, Tracking, Trick Training, Herding, Therapy, and Conformation for over 20 years!

Paige volunteers her time with her Therapy Dog , Simurgh, for Crisis Response. She also is an active member of the American Beauceron Club serving as a Board Member, fostering rescues, and facilitating public education.

Paige is an AKC Evaluator for S.T.A.R. Puppy, all three Canine Good Citizen Tests, Trick Titles, and the new Temperament Test. She is also an Agility Course Test Judge.

"All dogs need a job. They need to work. Stimulating your dog's mind and body is the best way to tire your dog out. A Tired Dog is a HAPPY Dog! "


Meet Jasmine! Our hardworking assistant

Jasmine has been apart of BTL Team since 2015. On board as a volunteer, Jasmine worked hard to always be present and open to doing whatever it took to be apart of the training team. It's never easy in the life of a dog trainer. Never missing a day, she applied herself to becoming a permanent member of Beyond The Leash.


Meet Yesenia Zamora

Yesenia has worked in the animal industry for about 3 years. Born and raised in Miami, FL, she fluently speaks English and Spanish.

Meet Colton Sealey

Colton was born and raised in Orlando, Florida.  He has worked in the animal industry since 2013, and training animals since 2017.  Colton has always had a passion for animals, always wanting to help them any way he could.  He currently owns a French Bulldog named Raven.  Colton is currently working on furthering his animal education by becoming a CPDT.