Getting started in Dog Sports

Looking for that next jump?

Here at Beyond The Leash, we thrive to offer the canine community the chance to experience opportunities that are one in a lifetime! 

Check out some of our featured sports below

Keep checking in to see what sports we are offering each season!

Featured Sports



Looking for that next step to get you and your dog more interactive together? This might be the place! Agility is a pre-set course where you lead your canine running through obstacles such as weave poles, hurdles, and so much more.
We offer classes starting with Foundation, and forward to Advanced.

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Swimming Lessons

Have you introduced your dog to water? Want to make it a fun experience? Thanks to the Orlando Canine Country Club, we are able to offer you a pool area where you and your canine will learn how and what steps to take when learning to swim! With our professional instructors and team, we guarantee a fun and safe experience!

Come and get your feet wet!


Dock Diving Foundation

Does your canine love the water and are you looking to take things to the next level? We offer drop-in classes at a local dock to start getting your pup ready for those high jumps!

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