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Taking the first steps to joining Beyond The Leash training program, we offer several options to reach your ultimate goal for you and your cuddly canine!

Do you seem to be having behavioral issues or would like one-on-one training? We offer a meet & greet with our head dog trainer and owner, Kim Bissing CPDT - KA. During this time we will make a plan to achieve the best way for you and your canine to reach your goals!

If you're interested in joining one of our classes, we hold several orientations throughout the year! During our classes you will be apart of a group environment and have hands on training with opportunities to ask questions and work one on one with our trainers!

Our next orientation is on Tuesday, May 26th, at 7pm! 

 Located at East Orlando Animal Hospital 7600 Lake Underhill Road, Orlando 32822

 Just for the 2-legged, free admission

along with complimentary days of daycare at our partnered facility. 

Join the fun and see what we are all about! Come find out more about our classes!

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Find out what steps to take after you and your canine have excelled through Basic Obedience. Continue with advanced training to keep you pup happy and mentally stimulated. We offer many options whether your goal may be tricks or therapy work.

Behind the scenes

Get involved in Sports

Behind the scenes

Look deeper into what our training is all about from an outside perspective. Learn more about us and what a day in the life of a dog trainer looks like.

Get involved in Sports

Get involved in Sports

Get involved in Sports

Wanting to extend your bond by having fun with your dog? Canine sports are a fun way to keep you pup happy and fit! We offer a handful of opportunities such as Agility, Barn Hunt, Dock Jumping,  Rally Obedience, Tricks and more! Come join in on the fun!

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Become a BTL member

Get involved in Sports

Keep in touch with us! We believe strongly in supporting our community, including our Beyond The Leash family. Stay tuned to upcoming events or new products or classes, and so much more!

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Become a BTL member

Ask the trainer

With dogs, there comes a lot of learning and luckily we are able to provide you with all the knowledge you need. Here you can find answers personally or better yet check out our frequently asked questions. 





We wanted to let everyone who participates in Socialization and Behavior Modification with us at EOAH know that we are restructuring the way services are being performed and charged for. 

Beyond The Leash and EOAH will be working together to make your dog's experience the best we can by maximizing the enrichment time catered to each individual dog to meet there exact needs. 

We have always been separate companies that work hand in hand and will continue providing the same service to accommodate all of our clients. Beyond the Leash will be taking payments for the Socializations and Behavior Modifications. EOAH will be collecting a separate payment for daycare, one on one play or day boarding (whatever BTL has deemed appropriate for your pet). We want to be able to not only train your dogs but make sure they are getting the interactions required to maximize the effects of the behavior modification process.  

Choose one from option A and one from option B:


A. BTL Behavior Modification and Socialization:

$40.00 - Single Session (One Day)

$210.00 - 6 Session Package (5 dollar a day savings)

B. EOAH Daycare (Group Play- 3-4 sessions per day)

$20.00 - Single Day

$90.00 - 5 Day Package (2 dollar a day savings)

$300.00 - 20 Day Package (5 dollar a day savings) 

Daycare package days can also be used without socialization when needed. 

EOAH Day boarding Only (No Group Play) / Reactive Dog Handling Fee

$15.00 - Single Day 

When your dog is brought to EOAH for socialization you will need to choose between daycare or day boarding as outlined above. The individual service will be charged out to the client from the respective company providing the service. Thus you will have a transaction with each company that will need to be taken care of at the time of pick up. Let us know if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to discuss. Please bear with us as everyone gets use to the transition. 

Kim Bissing, CPDT-KA

Head Dog Trainer and Owner


Phone: 407-872-9121

Email: info@beyondtheleashdogtraining.com

Facebook: Beyond The Leash


Attached below are the forms needed in order to attend our socialization and behavior modification. 

New client form (docx)


Behavior modification waiver (docx)